You are probably here because you or someone you love is struggling.  Perhaps you have decided the price of doing nothing is too high and you have made the choice to reach out for help.  Finding the appropriate therapist for your specific needs can be challenging.  Trauma, anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges, educational discouragement, anger management, ADHD and more can benefit from focused and informed help. 

I am a therapist that works with individuals, adolescents (age 14 & up) and families offering hope,  direction, and integration. If you need help with a struggling teen, the effects of trauma, improving your relationships or if you want practical tools for parenting please call for a free consultation at 206-295-0624 or email  

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Lifespan Integration - Resolving Trauma, Connecting to Life & Transforming Relationships
Adolescent Therapy
 Finding Genius, Empowering Direction & Discovering Purpose
Family Therapy - Improving Relationships, Reconnecting Loved Ones & Resolving Conflict
Parenting Support - Empowering Parents, Encouraging Teens & Improving Dynamics

Now Offering Skype Sessions!

Your knowledge, love and determination coupled with my experience as a therapist, consultant, former high school teacher and step-parent can have powerful results. 


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