Lifespan Integration Therapy

You do not have to learn to just "live" with the effects of trauma and neglect. If you have tried more traditional "cognitive / behavioral" forms of talk therapy and still feel stuck with your old patterns of behaviors, depression and or anxiety LI may be able to help. Lifespan Integration (LI) has the ability to integrate these past experiences in a way that they become just another memory from your life.  With LI past experience loose their control over you and you gain the life that was taken from you.

Consider Lifespan Integration for help with:

Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSD)
Moral Injury
Panic Attacks
Improved Relationships
Chronic Overwhelm
Parenting Issues
Mood Stability
Obsessive or Compulsive Behaviors
Improved Wellbeing
And much more...

Lifespan Integration is a cutting edge therapy first developed for trauma survivors but is now being used for a wide range of emotional, physical and behavioral challenges. LI is based on the latest attachment and neuroscience research and has the potential to focus the healing much more rapidly compared to traditional forms of talk therapy.

Many of the problems that people seek help for with therapy are based on past trauma or attachment wounds. These wounds or traumas distort the lens that we filter our reality through. These distortions are what often cause otherwise bright and capable people to become "stuck" and need to turn to a therapist for help.

LI is believed to repair these distortions so you can solve your own problems. Much of traditional therapy deals with the distortions after the fact. Traditional therapy is great for helping people understand where our distortions come from and offers new ways of coping.  Often this is enough to help but sometimes it is not.

If you are looking for a more rapid and foundation way of dealing with the challenges life offers, Lifespan Integration may be right for you.  I am an approved instructor and consultant for the Lifespan Integration process, use it daily in my practice and teach therapists how to use it.

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