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Parents-A Must Watch TED Talk 

Great New York Times Article on A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D.

What is the harm of a data plan for an iPhone anyways?

STRESS KILLS!  Maybe not.  Watch this talk about the real problem; our belief about stress.

This is a very interesting Ted Talk on the paradox of choice. This is very applicable to some of the challenges of parenting in the 21st century.

As a former teacher I have the utmost respect for the hard work of educators. This Ted Talk is about how our educational SYSTEM is killing creativity in spite of the profound efforts of teachers and administrators alike. Ken Robinson's thinking is also in alignment with Positive Discipline / Adlerian Psychology in that he views mistakes in a fundamentally different light.

This is a classic Ted Talk on the power of vulnerability. This is a must see!

Have you ever wondered what it would be life if the noise in your head would stop? Learn this neuro-anatomist's experiences and realizations as the left hemisphere of her brain went offline from a stroke.

Tony Robbins explains the “why” of what we do. Get ready to drink from the information fire hose with this Ted Talk.

This article was sent to my by a person that frequented my website for parenting ideas.  She requested that I post this article for you all to see.  It is about parenting from long distances.

With the world in rapid flux what are the most important attributes we need to help cultivate in our children?  Take a look at this article and see how to help cultivate resilience with your children.

Cell Phones and Smart Devices are everywhere.  What are we to do??  How do we help our children manage all this freedom and power? I found a brilliant 18 point contract online for iPhones and modified it.  This isn't really a practicle contract but a great reality check for living with all this technology.  Check this out!

This brain researcher is working on a much more nuanced view of the brain and how it operates. He specifically touches on ADHD and has some keen insights to share. 

 Watch this Ted Talk about some old and new ways to think about sexual activity and education.

Most of us are running on some level of automatic pilot for the majority of our day. We encounter problems and respond in predictable and patterned ways. Most of the time this serves us adequately but sometimes it does not. Watch this Ted Talk on the dangers of willful blindness. I see this presentation as an invitation to wake up and live with more intentionality.